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I kicked my daughter out of my bed

I love my child.  There I said it.  Not that that’s out of the way for all you professional child psychologists keyboard mum bashers.Remember when I was bragging about how luxurious my new bed from Dial-a-Bed is. Well, Kennedy is cramping my style if you get my drift.  I really thought I am going to…

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Sex, Lies and Starting Over.

A cowardly anonymous tweet changed my whole world last year. I don’t think I have ever been sucker punched as hard EVER. I have taken a few sucker punches in my lifetime but this was a doozey. One minute I was blissfully going about my life like I had finally had this all figured out…

child crying after child abuse

Surviving child abuse.

It’s hard for me to say “I survived”. I don’t really feel like I have survived anything. It’s still an ongoing battle in my mind and heart on a daily basis. I don’t really like saying I was dealt a crappy hand because I am extremely blessed and privileged in so many ways. I don’t…

What do ZA men find attractive?

What do ZA men find attractive?

The results may surprise you! I walked the streets of Cape Town, Facebooked and emailed every South African man I know to find out what they find attractive in a woman and the results may surprise you to see what do ZA men find attractive. Body Parts Face: 79% percent favoured a pretty face over…

Diet Scale

Weekend Diet Strategy

Weekends are Incredibly tricky when you first change your diet. It’s the time that social events come up and temptation seems to be everywhere. Shell Shocked Mummy is here to rescue you from a weekend diet #FAIL. Here are my top 11 things to do to plan your weekend diet strategy to stay focused on…