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Never ditch a workout again

How NOT to ditch a workout EVER again

How to never Ditch a workout again! I have always struggled with fitness. Luckily for me 80% of weight loss happens in the kitchen. It is what led me to create recipe books and meal plans because I know if you follow them you WILL lose weight. However, there are benefits to working out that just…

Beginner home workout

Beginner home workout circuit for under R1000

Setting up my beginner home workout circuit I have failed miserably at committing to my gym contracts. I have been at every single gym. Virgin. Planet fitness, Viva and some independent gyms too. None of them could keep me to coming back for more. So I started mulling over the idea of setting up a beginner home workout circuit…

Beginners Guide to Banting

Banting or Ketogenic – A beginners guide

Understanding Banting What is banting anyway. The lifestyle is named after William Banting, a British undertaker who was very obese and desperately wanted to lose weight. In the year 1862 he paid a visit to his doctor, William Harvey, who proposed a radical eating plan that was high in fat but included very few carbohydrates.By following this…

Weekend temptations

How to manage diet temptation

Even though my meal plans are really juicy, weekends can still be pose some challenges.Temptation is everywhere.  It’s the time that social events come up and its really hard when you trying to adapt to a low carb lifestyle Here’s a list of thing to do to get through the temptations and staying laser focused on weekends  Plan a…

Guide to low carb herbs and spices

Guide to Herbs and Spices for low carbers

Banting Spices Firstly let me give you some fun facts about spices and weight loss benefits.Cayenne Pepper Studies have shown the wonder spice is not only rich in vitamins but also contains capsaicin a compound that gives hot peppers their heat, increasing the rate of thermo- genesis by stimulating the nervous system. This not leads…

banting baking

Banting Baking – Broken down.

Banting Baking and Flour – Broken Down I love experimenting with banting baking and infact I make a pretty mean 3-ingredient banting breadI am pretty sure when William Banting, an overweight undertaker, developed the banting lifestyle in the mid-1800’s he had no idea how, we would take centuries before we truly “got it” and then we completely…