Baking for Banting or paleo is already waaaay more expensive than your normal loaf of bread, But relatively I think it's actually cheap My weight cost me a lot, so for me, almond flour is an investment. I have learned to value my new lifestyle differently. Being overweight was expensive. I usually equate it to a takeaway when I buy something and if I can afford to eat out once a month, then I can afford a bag of almond flour. Anyhoo. I still wanted a bread that is easy and not have a lot of processes because let's face it sometimes all you want is a sandwich. Not a lecture or a new skill. So I will not give you a lecture just a ridiculously easy recipe   Banting Bread Ingredients

Easy Peasy Banting Bread

Banting Bread Ingredients

2 teaspoons aluminium-free baking powder 2 cups of Almond Flour 3 extra large eggs (the fresher the better)


Beat the eggs until they become fluffy. Chuck in the flour and baking powder and gently mix in until well blended. Throw into a small loaf pan and bake for 35 minutes at 160 degree celsius. Its Just that simple. Makes 10 Slices at 2.4g of carbs per slice. So that's less that 5g for a sandwich. GENIUS! Nutritional Values per Slice: 2.4g carbs | 1.8g protein | fat 1.3g I used mine to make a delicious French toast with my banting bread and topped it caramel sauce this morning. Check back tomorrow for the Caramel Sauce Recipe. Its the BEST thing I have made so far.   Banting French toast  

Cinnamon French Toast Brekkie

Ingredients 3 Slices of 3 Ingredient Banting Bread Cinnamon Powder 4 Rashes of Bacon 2 Eggs Salt Whisk you eggs in a bowl with salt. Soak your bread into it until it really soaks up the egg. Fry the bread in a pan on medium heat and remove when it well toasted. Dust with some cinnamon powder and viola you have some delicious French toast. Fry you bacon however the heck you like it. I like mine in the microwave. I just place it on a plate and use my microwave plate cover for 2 minutes on high and turn it over, for another 2 minutes. This method depends on the power of your microwave so you will have to just check it. Check back tomorrow for the caramel sauce its INCREDIBLE. Best thing you have never had. Promise. Have you got your weight-loss eBook with meal planner and recipes yet? If you love this post, be a cool kid & sign up for my weekly newsletter.  

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54 thoughts on “3 Ingredient Banting Bread”

    1. I can’t understand why people would fail at this. There are only three ingredients what could possibly go wrong.
      Anyway, I tried it and it came out perfect thanks. Delicious.

      However, has anyone a suggestion about an alternative for the almond flour? It is ridiculously over priced at R140 a small bag enough for two small loaves. What else can one use????

      Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks

    1. It is very tiny amount and it hasn’t affected my weight loss. However if that does bother you, you can Make your own. The active ingredients in baking powder are usually baking soda and cream of tartar. To make I teaspoon of baking powder mix ¼ teaspoon of baking soda + half a tsp of cream of tartar.

      Hope that helps.

    1. Hi Levona

      Not sure what happened, perhaps one of your ingredients were not fresh. I have made this at least 10 times and it never flop not once. I will try to do a video tutorial as soon as I can.

      Maybe try again and let me know how it turns out.

    1. I have heard that you can use sunflower-seed flour – although it might influence the colour of your bread (it might turn it green, but it has no effect on the taste).
      Also much cheaper than nut flour.

  1. I tried the bread today. Is it 2 teespoons of bicarb or two tablespoons. It came out about 3 centimeters high. Very disappointed. Xx

    1. Hi Tertia.

      I am sorry yours didn’t work out. I used a mini loaf tin as I do with all my breads and it is definitely 2 teaspoons I have made this many many times and it always worked for me.

      Make sure the baking powder is fresh as well


  2. mine came up about 3cm as well, i’ll try again with fresher baking powder. tastes great though, and i will eat as a side like biscotti, lol.

  3. Hi
    I just made this, total flop. All my ingredients were newly bought and fresh. Once you mix all the ingredients together, what consistency should it be?

  4. Complete flop. Did not form dough at all, not enough liquid. Did not rise, inspite of fresh ingredients. In fact did not even come together- stayed a loose powdery consistance after baking.

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