Even though my meal plans are really juicy, weekends can still be pose some challenges.

Temptation is everywhere.  

It's the time that social events come up and its really hard when you trying to adapt to a low carb lifestyle 

Here's a list of thing to do to get through the temptations and staying laser focused on weekends 

Plan a low carb shin dig aka social

A low carb braai with a selection of low carb salads and grilled vegetables. 

Some ideas. Coleslaw, Fauxtatoe Salad and Greek salad

Games evening with only low carb snacks sounds fun. 

Some ideas.  Veggie sticks and hummus, chicken wings and meatballs and deviled eggs

Host a  low-carb come dine with me dinner for 6

  • Pumpkin or Lentil Soup for starters
  • Loaded chicken breasts
  • Chocolate mouse. 

Plan a small at home herb garden 

Spend the weekend shopping for small pots and seedlings.

Those hers will come in handy when low carb cooking. 

plan a treat meal

Unlike a cheat meal a treat meal is things you would only indulge in once a week. These are items from the banting orange and light red lists. 

I allow my clients, 1 day of treat meals a week, if they remain 100% focused during the week. 

Here's an idea of a day of treat meals 

Breakfast: The big breakfast. 2 Eggs, Sausage, Sauteed Mushrooms and crispy bacon.

Lunch: Large Sweet potato topped with Cajun chicken strips topped with bacon bits and cheese.

Snack: 1 small bowl of popcorn or fruit salad or low carb cheesecake.

Dinner: Portion of pork ribs with roasted pumpkin mash or butternut fries. 

Alternatively treat just yourself, go and buy a health magazine my recipe eBooks and plan, run a bubble, light some candles and visualize yourself on Monday weighing less, smiling because you didn't quit. 

navigating shopping trips

Shopping can be a minefield, surrounded by food.

  1. Dont shop on an empty stomach and make sure you carry a water bottle and a handful of nuts or biltong.
  2. Dress in your workout gear when you go to the supermarket 
  3. Download a pedometer app on your phone switch it on so that everywhere you go you count your steps even when shopping. Psychologically this will keep you focused. 
  4. Go window shopping in a store that your normally wouldn't. Mentally pick out a dress that you would love to wear in the very near future.

prepare for peer pressure

Whenever I tried to change my lifestyle, there would be some do gooder trying to peer pressure me into having just one glass of wine, or a slice of cake.

Hell sometimes that would be my ex-husband.

Have some dialogue ready for when someone tries to tempt you.

Example Just say "I don't eat that" not "I can't eat that". Yes they may ask you "Since when?" respond completely unphased and say "It's just something I don't eat anymore" or "I am not in the mood of cake at the moment"

If you make the mistake of showing weakness, or show them that you are struggling people tend to think they are doing you a favour by saying "common just a tiny piece, it can't be that bad" 

And if you are in the midst of carb withdrawal you can even start to convince yourself that it cant be that bad. 

Have some inner dialogue prepared for yourself too! Tell yourself "I can resist this". I am in complete control of my choices. I can have that chocolate if I wanted to, It is MY choice not to have it, right now. 

rally the troops

Rally the Troops!

Expressly, ask your friends and family for their support. Speak to your family and friends.  send your family a message before visiting them and ask them to please not offer you any food as you are still adjusting to your new lifestyle and would like to avoid temptation. 


If you are looking for a Kick Ass support group for women that are health badasses in training, then join Low Carb Besties.

I am there mentoring and cheer leading daily to help you reach the pinnacle of your success.

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