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How to do an inspired vision board.

When I ask my clients what they want, it almost always the same thing.

To lose weight and to be happy.

But when I ask them what does that mean, they cannot come up with specifics and are completely vague.

That’s the point of making a vision board. It's to become crystal clear on the specifics. Then you can actually track them and not live in regret.

It’s kind of a bucket list amalgamated with a wish list and a to-do list.

And man does it work.

So if you have any kind of dreams a vision board makes this crystal clear and helps you to envision it daily and then you can start to put together a plan for all those dreams.

Because my job as a coach is holistic and I don’t want my clients for a single moment to think that losing weight is their life’s mission and I want them to be balanced in what will make them happy.

When I do my vision board I like to answer the following questions.

What are my career goals?

I like to look at what I would love to do. Then what I would need to do that. 

What are my relationship goals this year?

If you are married. How would you like your marriage to look in 2017. What could be better about it. If you are unattached, like me, picture the type of person you would like to date. 

How do I want to be remembered by others?

For example, do you want to write the next great novel? Do you want to change someones life (Yes you can) There are plenty of ways that you can impact someone. Adoption a granny or a child or a dog. You could run for a cause and make a real effort raising funds for that cause. 

What will I do to recharge this year?

What activities do I want to learn how to do? What hobbies and activities do you already do, but want to continue doing or get better at? Would I like to go on holiday to somewhere tropical or have mini breaks all over South Africa?

What do I want to acquire this year?

These are the vanity things I want to get. It’s perfectly fine to want things and put them in your vision board.

What are my health goals?

I like to keep it balanced and not only focus on the number on the scale. I think in terms of how I feel as well as how I look. So I may include an outfit or a fitness goal. E.g. walking more. Or visualize yourself running. Or drinking more water. This year my big health goals are sleeping more and keeping hydrated.

You must visualise yourself in the process and not just at your goal.

For example, students who were asked to spend time imagining how great it would feel to perform well on an exam did worse than those students who instead visualised their study process and those who did not visualise at all.

The lesson to be learned from this and other similar studies seems to be that, while it's good to specify your goals and spend some time envisioning what your life will be like if and when you reach them, it's both more effective and better for your mental health to focus on the specific steps you'll need to take along the way.

For example, You must daydream about how awesome you'll feel once you reach your weight but you need to visualize the steps like eating well in the process. 

Once I have those goals written down. I decide the format.

This year I wanted to imagine how my Instagram feed would look and how I would be celebrating my “wins”

So I designed an Instagram feed styled vision board. That I had printed and have them stuck around my house. 

There are numerous other ways that you could do it that can help you reach your goals.

And trust me it works. You will look back on that board at the end of the year and be surprised at what you have achieved.



Here is my 2017 vision board. 

2017 vision biard
2017 Vision Board

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