How to never Ditch a workout again!

Never ditch a workout again

I have always struggled with fitness. Luckily for me 80% of weight loss happens in the kitchen. It is what led me to create recipe books and meal plans because I know if you follow them you WILL lose weight. 

However, there are benefits to working out that just cannot be ignored, no matter how hard I tried.  Like clearer skin and good quality sleep. 

So this year I joined a gym, again. I joined Viva gym because when I still worked as a magazine editor, I wrote an article about the gym and they are the only gym that allows you to break up with them at anytime with no penalties.

I started the year off, all gung ho, New year New you bullcrap!

I got a personal trainer to show me around and I told him I was interested in muscle building and he showed me some basic flexibilty workouts and I SUCKED! 

No matter how hard I tried, I could not do squats! 

I told him that I had bad knees (I have arthritis and worn cartilage between my knees) When I walk up stairs or sit own you can literally hear a cracking noise. 

He reassured me that this should not be a problem. You need core strength for squats and if you do it correctly it should not put a strain on your knees at all. 

I tried. I really did. I dont think this trainer understands what it is to start off with zero core strength and zero flexibility or stamina. 

The thing is I was determined to finish the 28 day challenge that I am doing with my online support group, the low carb besties. (you should totally join us, we are an awesome group of women, helping each other reach our goals together) 

Now, I am good with nutrition and I am genuinely excited about a low carb lifestyle.

The best thing you will ever do in life and for your health. I am a bantarian. (A word I have coined)

I ace the eat clean part, its the train dirty part that I just could not crack. 

Until now! Well dirty-ish

I finally got over my hurdles!

I quit the gym AGAIN, at least this time I am not stuck with a gym contract for 2 years.

I needed to find my thing the thing that will keep me lazer focused and came up with the following strategy.

Find a workout that is right for YOU.

I decided that I wont beat myself up if I cant crack a workout. I would treat this as a time to figure out what I actually enjoy doing and can commit to. I tried a few different options, skipping workout, walking, zumba and few different FREE workout apps and stuck gold! 

The 30 Day Fit Challenge

Of all the 30 Day workout apps this one is my favourite, if you can get over the few typos and grammatical errors common with non-English speaking geeks that make these apps. Its is perfect for me, for a number of reasons. The beginner level 1 felt just right. It was easy enough so that I didn't feel overwhelmed and took me under 10 minutes. So I started with the ab challenge, the arm challenge and the cardio challenge. 

Every day the app gets slightly more challenging but at a pace that is still doable. 

You get to chose your level and what you are comfoirtable with and everyday you tick off when you are done and it gives you a percentage of how far you are.

I have been so committed for the first time that even Kennedy planks along side me daily and some days collects the floor mats before I do. 

She  is at that adorable age where she parrots everything I do, another reason I am glad I am figuring my fitness issues out, so that I can model good habits for her. Needless to say I am doing very well. My core strength is getting so good that I now can do a set of squats without falling over. 

Get an accountability partner

I am not one to mingle much with my neighbours but I sucked it up and asked a neighbour if she is interested in working out with me in my home and she agreed.

It has really helped me put in a LOT more effort when I workout with her, not wanting to be the  weak link in the duo LOL.

You could also document your journey by taking weekly photos as you journey changes. It seems to be working for hundreds of thousands of instagramers. 

I have also put my workouts in my diary and and not just in my head. I find that this can be a powerful reminder if you actually write done at 2pm Gym in your diary. 

Learn the art of pep talking

I have mastered the art of being my own personal trainer and giving myself pep talks. There are days when I go  to the mirror and look myself dead in the eye and saying "Laverne, stop making excuses get up and go for that walk its only 15 minutes of your day."

This may seem silly but I have added 3 personal messages to the diary reminders on my phone. 

  1. Laverne, success is on the other side of that workout. Don't let that work-out stand in your way of success.
  2. Laverne, you may want to ignore this reminder, but you are also going to ignore your goal. Just get it was done and you will feel a sense of achievement.
  3. Laverne, go really hard on this workout and picture yourself at the finish line. It's within inches of your grasp. 


Seek out your own fitspiration

You need to find success stories you really connect with. Maybe they started st a similar weight or had more weight to lose than you but they are working out and conquering their hurdles. 

 Stories like Marianda Geel. If she could lose 120kgs and workout and can do a half marathon. 

I also follow others like her on instagram and when I feel like not working out I remind myself that if they can do it so can I.

Technically we ALL start at the same place, beginner. Other woman are motivated to elevate themselves to the next level. So can I.  


Sleep in your workout wear!

I have started sleeping in my gym wear.

I know it sounds crazy but I since I work out first thing in the morning. I am already dressed for working out and just brush my teeth, wash my face and put my sneakers on and I start working out immediately.

Or you can workout in your pajamas.

I have not used a single excuse to ditch a workout since using these tools

Do you have any good strategies to motivate yourself to workout that I can add to the list? I would love to hear them in the comments. 

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