Dealing with workout breakouts

Dealing with post workout, breakouts is a problem  I never thought I would have. You need to workout first right. 

What I found with my new found love for fitness is that it comes with a nasty side effect. Skin breakouts. I mean seriously???? 

I am serious about working out for the first time in my life and now this. 

So now my new  year’s resolutions to get fitter is working wonders for my weight and my heart. 

Unfortunately it;s wreaking havoc with my skin.

Apparently that's common, according to my dermatologist.

Your pores open up when you perspire and can mean bad news for bacteria and lead to post workout breakouts. You may also notice your skin looking less hydrated than when you started

Thankfully I have found a skin routine that works for me and I wanted to share it.  It's completely banished my post-workout breakouts.

Hopefully this will help you, if you are experiencing the same. 

Wash your face BEFORE you work out.

I was skipping washing my face until AFTER i worked because I sleep in my work wear. Weird? maybe. Effective, definitely!  So I jump up and workout before I do anything else.

Bad idea. Even if you don’t normally wear makeup or workout in the morning, sweat will push oil and dirt further into your pores. Use makeup removing wipes and then wash the debris off with face wash.

Moisturize your skin BEFORE working out. 

Sweating dehydrates your skin so wearing a lightweight oil free moisturizer helps to retain water.

Remember to drink lots of water during your workout.


I also spritz my skin with a face mist from the body shop during my work out. 

Shower ASAP after working out. 

A post-workout shower is non-negotiable, the sooner the better. It gives less time for the breeding ground for bacteria to brew into imperfections. Avoid stripping away vital oils with scalding hot water and choose a lukewarm shower instead.

Use a face wash with a benzoyl peroxide-infused cleanser.


I end the routine with a hydrating day cream. Remember to use a clean towel for each workout to wipe away sweat and avoid touching your face too much.

Breakouts are so last year! My skin is finally back to normal.

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